The RUST portfolio represents my fascination with the colors and textures of rusted objects, and how nature reclaims everything. Many of the objects have been wrestled from the corners of antique and junk shops in the Hudson Valley. The Rusty Razor blade was found in front of my studio, and is an homage to the idea that if you take something ordinary, and give it extra attention, it becomes extraordinary. That image has won numerous awards and was featured in the 2013 Communication Arts Photo Annual.

The NAUMKEG portfolio is composed of images created at Naumkeg, the private residence and gardens of Joseph Hodges Choate, designed by Stanford White in 1886, and located outside of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. All of these images were photographed on 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5 film during sessions in the gardens of Naumkeg. I would often bring a selection of objects with me to create a still life using the location and textures of the gardens as backgrounds. Shoes in a Doorway was photographed in the Chinese Garden at Naumkeg, using my father-in-law’s old shoes, and photographed with a 4x5 Crown Graphic view camera. It won first place in the 1995 APNY awards, and helped to begin my fascination with still life on location.

The WATER+LIGHT portfolio is from a personal challenge to make intricate images from simple subjects. These are all made using water spray patterns, various colored mirrored plexiglass, and the sun. Some of these were photographed during the solar eclipse of 2017.

The CONEY ISLAND portfolio was something I began right after 9/11, to help me celebrate all that is unique about NYC. “Coney Island has always provided me with a treasure of photographic possibilities, and these images are part of a personal project begun in the fall of 2001. I was intrigued by the colorful graphics juxtaposed with their decrepit surroundings, and the fact that much of the art was handmade. I soon learned that this version of Coney Island was to be replaced, and documented the remaining artifacts over the next eight years.” These images have won multiple accolades and awards, including the PDN/Nikon awards, and were exhibited at the Splashlight Gallery in NYC in 2011.

The ACADIA TIDE POOLS portfolio is an ongoing project dedicated to the edges of Acadia National Park, where the rugged coast meets the ocean. Only at extreme low tide, the tide pools that are briefly exposed are fascinating, and the wet rock underneath stays naturally colorful. Many of these are macro shots, and are slightly under water, but the water is as clear as glass. I go out looking for compositions in nature, and many have mentioned that these images have a painterly quality, which is just what I’m looking for.